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¡iRange of Services¡j
¡@¡E Collection / Delivery of cheques, documents, samples and parcel
¡@¡E Custom declaration, C/O, License application
¡@¡E Processing & exchange of shipping documents, B/L, D/O
¡@¡E Payment of bills and rates, bank deposit, L/C collection
¡@¡E Urgent collection / Delivery
   ¡E Send & collect mail from Post Office
¡@¡E Delivery of items selling through direct mailing & internet shops
¡@¡E Door to door delivery of tickets, coupons, invitation cards, premium & sample
¡@¡iServices Hours¡j
¡@¡EMonday to Friday  9:00 am -  18:00 pm         Saturday  9:00 am -  13:00 pm
¡@¡@(Close on Sundays, Public Holidays, Typhoon signal No. 8 or above or black rainstorm warning)
¡@¡iPayment Method¡j
¡@¡ECausal Order      : By Credit Card
¡@¡ECompany A/C     : By Cheque or Credit Card
¡@¡EPersonal A/C      : By Credit Card 
¡@¡i Charging Method ¡j
¡@¡ECausal Customers¡G
¡@¡@¡@- Paid by credit card for each order
¡@¡EMember Customer¡G
¡@¡@¡@- Customer prepay & deposit  into their accounts
             - Delivery charge will be deducted directly from the account in courier4u when the is completed
             - When the outstanding balance is not sufficient, new order placement may not be accepted.
             - Customer can set a auto-add value level, the system will charge from the credit card to the account automatically when the 
               account  balance is less than the add-value line.

¡@¡iWaiting Time¡j
¡@¡EWithin 10 minutes

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