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Courier4u.com.hk is the internet platform of Courier4u.com.hk, it provides a timely, efficient, and boundaryless media for order placement, tracking and control. The web-based courier4u.com.hk personalizes the traditional courier services and transforms it into a personal assistant for all walks of life.
The rapid development of internet technology has induced a paradigm shift to the modern business management. The concepts and models of  "Supply -Chain Management"," Just-In-Time" and "Third Party Logistics" are well received and widely applied. Business information and data can be shared and exchanged on a common internet platform among strategic business partners. The efficiency of logistics operation has been substantially improved, delivery lead-time is shortened and the stock level can be lowered. As a result, the operating costs and the capital held up be the stock are all reduced. this implies a greater profit margin and return on capital. Traditional and conventional corporations must keep abreast of the fast development in e-commerce in order to meet the fierce competition in the market.
Courier4u.com.hk has positional itself as a strategic logistics partner for business enterprises. A web-based logistics management program has also been developed to provide a common platform for the customers. Courier4u.com.hk aims to act as a one-stop services provider in logistics operations, from internet shop design, shopping cart physical distribution, third party logistics, warehousing to supply chain management. Customers can then concentrate their effort in product development, manufacturing and marketing.
Courier4u.com.hk can modify the logistics program to satisfy various needs and requirements of different logistics operations and business models, be it B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customers), retailing and wholesaling distribution and material supply chain managements.

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